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I use an easy to implement framework for getting products to market and lay a foundation for growth

About me: My name is Anup. I helped grow a bootstrapped company from $3M to $30M. I was part of the first 5 employees of two other startups that got acquired by SAP and Kroll. I also created a startup and it got acquired in 9 months. I was the lead product architect for the first personalized loyalty program (for 30 million Canadians).

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Growth is not easy

If growth was easy, you just have to launch your product and cross your fingers.

I aim to use product marketing frameworks and growth strategies that are actionable to help your business grow.

Why did I choose Enchanting as the name?

delightful, fascinating, appealing, attractive - those are the synonyms of Enchanting.

If you don’t make your product delightful, growth is going to be hard.

If you don’t tell fascinating stories, growth is going to be hard.

If you don’t make it appealing to the right audience, growth is going to be hard.

If you don’t have an attractive value proposition, growth is going to be hard.

I wish I could tell you these are one-time things but this is an ongoing exercise for the products you launch.

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