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1 - Awareness Exercises

2 - Awareness of Cues


3 - 4 Parts of a habit

4 - Building an environment for better habits

The mind looks at the WORLD through your senses and creates Mental Models. This how your evolving operating system works so that you can operate in this world. This site will focus in on the visual sense to help learn and make better decisions faster.

Mental Models

A mental model is a representation, inside your head, of an external reality. Mental models are the basic units which construct a person’s worldview. It is the representation that a person has in his mind about the object he is interacting with. It is the way the person thinks about what it is they are doing or dealing with.

Mental models for reducing errors in your decision making

1. How dependable are your senses ?

Perceptual Limitation

2. What do you do when you have lots of information ?

Basics : Bias (Includes Play)

We are inclined to trust our familiar sources and are not willing to change our existing beliefs : Information Bias , Confirmation Bias

When things are more recent or when there are strong emotions associated, we behave differently : Empathy Gap

When things have features which are strong or unique, you give them special considerations : Extraordinarity Bias

3. What do you do when you don't find enough meaning ?

When we make decisions, we use our own stories to make those decisions: Neglect of Probability

Elimination using Probability

4. What do you do when you have to make comparisons ?

Framing Bias , Distinction Bias

5. How do you deal with incentives ?

Hyperbolic Bias

6. What do you do when you expect things from others ?

Naive Cynicism

Mental Models for better efficiency

1. What do you do for Efficiency ?

Kill two birds with the same stone

Energy alignment

2. What do you do when there is cause and effect ?

Implications and second-order thinking

Learning Models

1 - Types of Learning

Language Learning

Spanish - Horse (PDF)