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Here are some examples:


How to successfully launch on Product Hunt (when it's right for your  startup) (30 Million in revenue)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I get a FREE messaging audit for my homepage?

    You can click on one of the buttons above and fill out the form to get the FREE report. To ensure that you are not a bot, please ensure you connect with Anup on LinkedIn and DM him.

  2. Why is this called a 3-point (light) messaging plan?

    This is a quick audit of your homepage and highlights 3 things to fix. It does not follow a full messaging audit process that includes the audience, benefits mapping, and testing.

  3. What do I get with a Full messaging audit (when compared to the FREE messaging audit) for my homepage? What does it cost?

    You go through a 5-step process that is used to understand your audience through a mapping process, uncover value proposition through a canvas. This process also helps align your teams. The process includes testing with your target audience (5 target users) and a Figma mockup that includes your new copy.

    The Full messaging audit for your homepage costs $5000 and usually takes around 2 weeks depending on the availability of the stakeholders.

    I would like a Full messaging audit.

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