Why you and YOUR kids need to be prepared for an AI world


Listen to Why you and your kids need to be prepared for an AI world

Why your kids need to be prepared for an AI world

As most of you know, AI - Artificial Intelligence is here. There is enough research that around 30 to 70% of the jobs currently done by humans will be replaced completely by AI and machines in next 5 to 10 years. What does this mean to you and your kids ? I believe that If you or your kids are not equipped right, you and they could struggle in their careers. Any job which is repetitive and where automation can eventually kick in is going to be replaced by automation. There is no question about it.

As you see from the World Economic Forum's presentation here, Critical Thinking and Creativity will move up in demand in the skills required for the workforce next year.

I believe, there are 4 Areas which are going to be extremely useful for us and our kids careers. In these 4 areas, we have to continuously improve on so that we can function and thrive in an AI workplace instead of being trampled by AI

Emotional intelligence

This is your ability to understand other people, what motivates them, and how to collaborate with them on a daily basis. This directly affects their quality and output of their lives.

Curiosity and adaptability

How to absorb, ask questions and continuously challenge things around them. How to be flexible so that we can capitalize on technology and trends and be relevant versus getting sidetracked


What you or your kids make or create are going to be unique. This is why this is a differentiator. I think this is pretty clear.

Abstract thinking ( what mental models your kids use to make decisions )

This is important and kind of touches all the other areas.

Kids and humans have a unique ability to be better diffused learners than focused learning that machines can excel at.

Enchanting.io's mission is to get you and your kids to thrive with their amazing minds in this AI future.

As part of this wonderful (and fun) journey, we will have a team who will guide your kids through Mental Models and Decisions based on data. You will see them hanging around some of the material in this site. This team has some special powers and you will see them in action.

The lion Specs, Galin the Gecko, Bluey the Hippo, Naomi the Eagle and Shorty the Bee are here to take you through this Enchanting journey